10 Types Of White Spiders In The World

Spiders are adapted to live in every kind of environment and they are one of the most diverse populations on Earth.  Here are the 10 types of white spiders in the world,

White Spiders In The World

1. Goldenrod Crab Spider

The Goldenrod Crab Spider is one of the types of spiders that is seen on yellow or white flowers like goldenrod hence the name. The unique part is that they change their body color from white to yellow to be in the blend of flowers they are on, however, the color change is quite slow. These spiders don’t spin webs and instead, they wait without moving, on the bloom of a flower.   The female species can be identified with the red stripes on the side and the male has a brown thorax and front legs with only a small white or yellow abdomen.

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Goldenrod Crab Spider

Image Source: Allan

2. Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders use thier legs to pounce on their prey, which is typically other insect species, hence the name. During mating season, male jumping spiders used to do little dance in front of female species. The spider species has four sets of eyes with two large eyes right in front and smaller eyes on either side.  The species usually have a shy nature and usually run and jump away from humans.

Jumping Spiders

3. White Cobweb Spiders

White Cobweb Spiders are also one of the white spiders that is difficult to distinguish from other kinds of web-building spiders, especially orb weavers. They have 8 legs along with 2 body parts, and fang-like mouthparts called “chelicerae.” These white spiders are very common in Kentucky and can be found almost anywhere that they can find weeds, fences, trees, walls, or other upright structures to build their webs.  The lifecycle is simple metamorphosis just like other spiders where the young cobweb spiders hatch from eggs and look like tiny adults.

White Cobweb Spiders

Image Source: Wikimedia

4. White Cellar Spiders

White Cellar Spiders also known as the daddy long-legs spiders mostly prefer to stay in the warmer region where they will be found indoors where they will spin messy webs in the corners of rooms. The primary diet includes insects that they can find inside the home. It can be identified with the help of darker markings on it, however, the body looks tiny compared to the extremely long, spindly legs, which usually have pale and dark bands on the joints.

White Cellar Spiders

Image Source: Tyler

5. White Widows

White widow spider is one of the rare species that belongs to the family of cobweb spiders. They don’t have Anu red marks on their bodies like other spiders such as redback and black widow spiders of the same family. The body length is upto 3.4 mm and males are relatively smaller than females. The eggs are very little and still nothing is known about the eggs of the spider. They are distributed across Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. The diet and lifespan are not known.

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white widows spiders

6. Ghost Spiders

The ghost spider is one of the many kinds of sacred spiders mostly seen across North America.  The body size is between 4 to 8 mm and has eight eyes arranged in two rows that look similar to the wolf spider. It is also known as the phantom spider, or buzzing spider, and the name comes from the male’s habit of drumming its abdomen on a leaf to attract females with the help of a buzzing sound. These spiders usually build silken retreats not webs between leaves, under rocks, and on pieces of wood.

Ghost Spiders

Image Source: Gaono

7. White Candy Striped Spiders

The White Candy candy-striped spider’s scientific name is Enoplognatha ovata is one of the beautiful white spiders that belong to the family Theridiidae.  The scientific name is derived from the Latin word ‘ovatus’ which means egg-shaped. Though it is of small size, however, it can prey on insects many times its size. The total length of the spider is 6 mm (excluding legs) along with translucent legs and the globular abdomen is extremely variable in color and pattern.

White Candy Striped Spiders

Image Source: Wikimedia

8. Spiny-backed Orbweaver

Spiny-backed Orbweaver spiders also known as spiny spiders are colorful spiders that come in black, white, and yellow with red spines and white spots on their back. The spider species prey on Beetles, mosquitoes, and moths. They can grow between 0.06 to 0.4 in and average weight is upto 5.6 oz. The natural predators include Humans, Birds, And Bigger Wasps.

Spiny-backed Orbweaver

Image Source: Wikimedia

9. Spined Micrathena

Spined Micrathena is one of the types of white spiders commonly seen in wooded locations, including landscaped residential and suburban locales. This is a small spider that is not noticed, however, hikers must have experienced the strong silk dragline it produces that stretches across trails at about eye level. Both male and female species mature in early summer and females can be seen until October. 

Spined Micrathena

Image Source: Wikimedia

10. Northern Yellow Sac Spider

The Northern Yellow Sac Spider is a relatively small spider species that comes with mandibular palps, chelicerae (jaws), and tarsi (feet). It is one of the few spiders in North America considered to be medically significant. The name has been derived from the sac of silk they produce daily for resting and they are considered as one of the nocturnal “hunt and seek” spiders in the world.

Northern Yellow Sac Spider

Image Source: Wikimedia

These are the 10 types of white spiders in the world. Kindly share and post your comments.

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