What Does It Mean To Go Green and How it is Important For Human Civilization

Earth is an immensely beautiful place full of biodiversity and ecosystem but unfortunately, this planet is under great threat because of deforestation, pollution, animal extinction, wildfires, global warming, and many other reasons. All these losses are because of humans’ daily practices in one way or another which can still be decreased and the environment can be preserved. Many people have become aware of such problems and started conserving natural resources by using limited products, recycling, and reusing them. No one is going to force you to save the planet; it’s your personal choice to add up to the betterment of the planet. 

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What Go Green actually means?

Go green means coming across a balance between the life you lead, the actions you perform, and the result of those actions on the planet and being aware enough to maintain ecological balance which will ultimately help in the preservation of nature, the ecosystem, and ultimately the planet. According to reports by 2050, the world’s population will cross 9.8 billion people, for which we would require two planets but unfortunately we have just one. 

Going green is actually not difficult. One should be determined enough to preserve the environment and follow the three simple rules-reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reducing the usage of resources, energy, and other products, by recycling plastic bottles, and reusing products like clothes, shoes, bags, etc can make this planet a better place to live. Going green will not only save the environment but will help you and will make your life healthy and lively.

These small steps require no extra effort and can be opted for by anyone. It will not only save the environment but will also make you a responsible citizen.

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How it is Important to Human Civilization

Go green is not just a quote, but it is the need of an hour because we are continuously facing extreme changes in climate, environment, health, economy, and wellness. Mother Nature has so much for us and spending just 30 minutes in a healthy environment can help us grow. But currently, there are so many issues due to which there is an urgent need to protect the environment.

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1. Environmental concerns

In today’s time, global warming is a great concern that is affecting not only human health but marine life and the environment also. Seafood and marine life are too hazardous and unsafe because of increasing levels of mercury and other chemicals released from factories. Over usage of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum pollutes the air which ultimately has a drastic effect on human health. Reduction in air pollution will solve a major problem of acid rain which has a poor effect on crops, marine animals, trees, and the environment.  

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2. The economy

The economy of the country has been declining because of a decrease in water quality which impacts crops, agriculture, marine life, and even tourism. Reduction in nitrogen pollution can be of great benefit. A decrease in nitrogen pollution can reduce the production of greenhouse gases, and the usage of energy which will help in the improvement of water quality. The increase in water quality will increase the production of crops and farming activities. This will ultimately increase the economic conditions of our country. 

3. Health and wellness

Damage to the nervous system, reproductive system, and immune system is quite common these days. Not only aged people, young persons, and even children are having severe health issues. Over 3 million deaths are reported due to pollution. Reducing, reusing, and recycling will ultimately help in improving health and will pave the way for a brighter future. 

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Benefits of Going Green

1. Reducing pollution

Reduction in all sorts of pollution like air, water, noise, and land will give you a better environment to breathe and a better life to live. Using pure water for drinking without water purifiers, getting nutritious food without chemicals, and breathing fresh air without smoke and dust would make our life easy and happy and this can actually come true with just small efforts. We can reduce the usage of fuels, plant trees, recycle and reuse products, reduce the emission of harmful gases, and limit the usage of natural resources. 

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2. Reducing consumption

Less usage of products in the kitchen, electrical appliances, and less emission of greenhouse gases can bring great change. The energy we use and the food we eat and the products we buy all result in greenhouse gas emissions. The less will be the emission of greenhouse gases, the less will be drastic climatic changes and this will ultimately not only save the environment but will also save money. 

3. Wildlife conservation

Over 150 species extinct daily and by our small efforts, we can directly preserve our wildlife. Usage of less paper, toilet paper will decrease deforestation and the animals will get more to eat and the ecosystem will be maintained. A reduction in plastic usage will protect the ocean and lakes and marine animals will be protected to some extent. Though illegal, human is continuously poaching and hunting animals for their skin, teeth, and fur which disturbs the balance of the food chain and is the reason for the extinction of a lot of species and resources. 

4. Development in overall health

Health is the foremost concern of every human and today there is a great need to go for eco-friendly products which will improve our health as well as the environment. Using eco-friendly products can reduce the number of pollutants emitted into the air. Yes, it would be a bit costly but would be cheaper than paying hospital bills and insurance. Getting aware of what to eat, what to drink, and what to wear in limited amounts makes us responsible people and brings a positive change in our attitude. 

These are the important factors supporting what does it mean to go green and how it is important to human civilization.

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