8 Real Mermaid Sightings You Won’t Believe Exist

Real Mermaid Sightings
Real Mermaid Sightings

The idea that mermaids might actually exist has enthralled people for generations and hence listed as one of the most mythical animals in the world. Most of us are curious to know if something like Mermaids exists in real. People who have claimed to have personally witnessed mermaids range from explorers to divers. Could this be real? Even if the roots of mermaids might have occurred thousands of years ago, they nevertheless hold true now. We will discuss real mermaid sightings you won’t believe are real.

Mermaid Sightings
Mermaid Sightings

Here are our top historical mermaid sighting picks. These real mermaid sightings are a tad more authentic and distinctive than the hoaxes and fakes that were circulating. It’s challenging to reject the existence of mermaids because of something about them. Here is all you need to know,

Real Mermaid Sightings

1. 18th Century, Blackbeard’s Logbook

The possibility of mermaids was stated in his logbook by one of history’s most infamous and dreaded pirates. On many occasions, he gave his crew orders to steer clear of specific charted seas that he described as being “enchanted” because Blackbeard and his crew had seen mermaids there.

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2. 2nd century, Gaul

Mermaid sightings were not a recent occurrence. Contrarily, there have been assertions that date all the way back to the second century AD. In his Natural History 9.4.9-11, the Hellenized Syrian author Lucian alluded to the potential existence of mermaids. There have been numerous reports of mermaid sightings off the coast of Gaul, according to Pliny the Elder. The carcasses of mermaid corpses, coated in scales all over, were commonly seen washed up on beaches. He adds that the Gaulish governor even wrote Emperor Augustus a letter informing him of these legendary monsters.

3. 1493, sightings by Christopher Columbus

Columbus, a renowned explorer, is reputed to have seen three sirens or mermaids in 1493 off the coast of Hispaniola. Contrary to mythology, he claimed, these animals lacked beauty because of some male facial traits. They are disproved by historians as possible manatee sightings. However, no one is entirely sure what Columbus witnessed.

4. 1967, Mayne Island

A ferry carrying visitors was shocked to see a blonde mermaid on a beach in 1967. She appeared to be eating raw salmon fish while taking in the splashing waves, according to many who spotted this marine critter. The following week, a similar mermaid sighting was recorded, albeit many people didn’t think it was real. In an effort to prove her existence, Charles White of the Undersea Gardens offered a $25,000 bounty for her arrest. He even went so far as to offer the mermaid a room with whatever she wanted. However, no one was able to capture or locate the mermaid, and as time went on, the legend was forgotten.

5. 1943, Kai Islands

The inhabitants of the Indonesian Kai Islands had a creature that they were accustomed to. Its name, orang Ikan, is Indonesian for “man-fish.” The Japanese forces stationed there discovered that this was a fact during World War II in 1943. Multiple allegations of encounters with these “man fish,” or mermaids as the modern world refers to them, were made by these soldiers stationed in a 555 square mile area in the islands.

The Japanese soldiers said they all saw the same thing while recording many encounters. An amphibious animal that was more frequently observed in the water than on land. The 150cm-tall sea creatures had spikes on their spines, shoulders, and necks. They were supposed to have mouths like carp and skin that was bright pink like salmon. They featured two long fins that resembled frogs and lengthy arms in place of a single tail.

6. 1998, Kauai

Diver and cameraman Jeff Leicher of the Jack Diving Locker in Kauai claim to have not only seen but also briefly interacted with a mermaid. When he noticed what appeared to be a lady swimming behind a pod of dolphins and keeping up with their rapid pace 20 minutes later off the coast of Kauai, Leicher immediately felt it was strange. She abruptly leaped into the air to show off her fishtail.

Ten passengers on the boat reported seeing the same thing. Before she vanished into the sea, they could only see her jump twice. Leicher decided that was all there was to it and dove under the water to take some pictures of the marine life, perhaps hoping to get a shot of the mermaid as well.

The same mermaid brushed against him while swimming away an hour later. Leicher decided that was all there was to see, so he dove under the water to snap some pictures of the marine life in the hopes that he could also obtain one of the mermaids. The same mermaid brushed against him while swimming away an hour later.

7. 2012, Zimbabwe Dam

Workers on a dam in Zimbabwe were attempting to install a water pump for nearby farms in 2012. Local workers and divers were employed when the pumps became clogged to determine what was obstructing these lines. These local divers and workmen swore they would never go back to those waters again after diving to investigate these pipelines and emerging from the water.

They had seen a mermaid. However, the government hired divers and dam workers from outside since they didn’t trust the workers’ assertions that they had seen a mermaid in the depths. However, these newcomers claimed to have observed the same thing and declined to return to the area to complete the repairs. The people of that country had no doubt that mermaids existed, and numerous have claimed that they had seen proof, as well as the mermaids themselves. It’s not only the dam and its workers. The dam hasn’t been completed yet, even today.

8. 2009, Kiryat Haim Beach

In 2009, some observers reported seeing a creature that resembled a young girl who frequently performed tricks in the water on the beach. They continued to see her for several days. The news took some time to propagate, get to the wider public, and engage the authorities. The government eventually intervened, offering a $1 million reward to anyone who could produce credible evidence of the mermaid’s existence.

It was not necessary to capture the mermaid; merely taking a picture would do. After the news broke, NBC dispatched a film crew to Kiryat to do their own investigation. They captured footage day and night, above and below the sea, in an effort to capture a glimpse of the mermaid. The crew then reported seeing a human figure dipping into the sea late one night.

The research team made every effort to follow the mermaid and photograph it but to no avail. With the exception of a few discoveries and eyewitness photos of the mermaid dipping into the water, the crew was left without conclusive evidence after the mermaid vanished. The Center for Coastal Ocean Research received all of the footage shot by the crew and spectators.

The Director of the institute Michael Schacht evaluated the data and said that there was still a strong likelihood that the figure in the footage is a mermaid, even though it was hard to say with certainty. Tourists and residents are still on the watch, and the $1 million reward is still in place.

These are the 8 real mermaid sightings you won’t believe that is real. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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