Human’s Plastic Obsession And How To Curb It

Single Use Plastic Straw
Single Use Plastic Straw

Imagining our life without water is just impossible and similarly nowadays imagining one’s life without plastic is also impossible. From food items, furniture, electronics, household things, games, containers, and toys everything consists of plastic. Though it helps to reduce the consumption of wood and protects the trees from cutting at the same tie it has drastic effects and problems too. Being so harmful, it is not easy to dispose of plastic which ultimately causes a great threat to the environment. 

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Single Use Plastic Straw
Single Use Plastic Straw

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Just think that how much you use plastic on daily basis. From plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic furniture, plastic switches, cosmetics, pens, and shoes to the bottle of your shampoo everything is made of plastic and definitely, you don’t reuse them and throw it as garbage. Have you ever imagined how much this little plastic compiles and turns into a big heap of plastic that doesn’t get disposed of but affects the environment only? These plastic heaps can be seen everywhere and are sometimes chewed down by stray animals which results in choking and ultimately leads to their death. Fishes, birds, and marine animals unknowingly swallow plastic which leads to suffocation and death. Blocking of the drainage systems and clogging is also the result of plastic standing in water.

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Marine Microplastic
Marine Microplastic

Image source: Australian Institute of Marine Sciences

This not only stops the water supply but also gives birth to many water-borne diseases. Dengue and malaria are common diseases that spread due to insects and mosquitoes present in unhygienic conditions. Even the plastic waste from industries is directly discharged into water bodies which affects the quality of water as well as marine life resulting in a great loss. It is believed that by 2050, oceans will be having more plastic than fish. The littering of plastic in open areas does not get degraded and remains in the soil for many years affecting the fertility of the soil and depleting its quality. We will discuss in detail human plastic obsession and how to curb it.

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We have become so addicted to plastic because it makes our life easy and that is why it is not easy to get rid of it. In spite of being a boon, its overuse has turned out to be a bane for society. Many people have become aware of the toxic effects of plastic and are trying to search for alternatives we can use instead of plastic or how can plastic be degraded so that its use can be continued. You would be surprised to know that over 25940 tons of plastic are generated by India every day and over 500 billion bottles of plastic are produced every year worldwide. The harmful chemical Bisphenol A is present in plastic bottles, plates, and containers which can lead to cancer. Toys for children and clothes contain plasticizers that adversely affect the body and even electronic equipment contains plastic which causes great damage. Plastic is formed by various chemicals which are extremely toxic and can enter our body through breathing, using plastic containers, and plastic bottles, and consuming the food stored in plastic packaging. 

plastic garbage
plastic garbage

There is a great need to avoid plastic and for that, we need to consume less plastic. If we will consume less then, there will be a direct reduction in the supply of plastic and plastic materials. Some countries have taken great steps to decrease the usage of plastic for e.g. South Africa has stopped the manufacturing of plastic bags which means no usage of plastic bags. Many European countries have also taken some steps to avoid the use of plastic bags and have made their society plastic free. There is so much focus on plastic bags because of their high usage of them. Everyone just uses a bag that dumps it anywhere which releases toxic chemicals into the soil and if we think of burning these plastic bags then the amount of toxic substances released in the air is beyond our imagination. 

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gray pollution

Plastic waste is much more than we think. Just by opting for these little steps, we can contribute to the welfare of our planet. 

  • Usage of single-use plastic like plates, straws, and containers can be reduced which will not only protect our life but the environment too. 
  • While shopping just remembers to carry your cloth bag despite taking plastic bags from the shops. 
  • Just replacing your plastic containers with steel or glass containers can contribute to the reduction of plastic and can save the planet. 
  • Biodegradable waste like vegetable peels and nonbiodegradable waste like plastics should be dumped in different bins. 
  • Recycling paper, cardboard, bags, and bottles can lend a hand in the protection of the environment. 
  • Government should make strict plans to decrease the manufacturing of plastic so that there is a decrease in the usage of plastic. 
  • By avoiding the beauty products like scrubs, pastes, and face washes having microbeads of plastic can be avoided to decrease the use of plastic. 
  • Instead of using takeaway food packed in plastic containers and bags, we should go for cooking our own meals which are very much healthier than takeaway food. 
  • Dumping of waste in dustbins in spite of throwing them in open grounds. These small wastes can make their way to ponds and block them. So, remember to dump your waste in the dustbin. 
  • Whenever you get time volunteer in your society or beach or garden clean-up. 
  • Instead of buying a plastic razor, opt for a metal razor and also you can use shampoo bars instead of plastic bottles. This will not only save you money but will contribute to the reduction of plastic. 
  • Sanitary pads contribute a lot of plastic. A single pad comes in separate plastic packaging. It is reported that over 12 billion pads are dumped every year in the United States. To avoid this you can use fabric pads, menstrual cups, and period underwear. 
  • About 92 million tons of waste is produced every year by textile industries. Some part of this waste contains plastic so; try to buy clothes made of natural fabric.

We just need to take small efforts and this will bring a big change in society. A little change in mindset can influence a lot of people and this planet will definitely become a better place to live.  These are some of the facts about We will discuss human’s plastic obsession and how to curb it.

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