10+ Amazing Flamingo Wallpapers for your Desktop

flamingo family
flamingo family

The flamingo is one of the most popular birds across the world because of its red-purple-colored feather. They love to thrive in the shallow lakes, mangrove swamps, and sandy islands of Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. Humans know about 6 subspecies of flamingos. We will be listing some of the amazing and adorable Flamingo wallpapers, Let’s also discuss some of the amazing facts about Flamingo,

  • The feather color of flamingos is the result of thier diets and there is a pigment present in the food known as carotenoids which are responsible for the red and pink colors of their feathers. They like to eat shrimps, algae, and crustaceans.
  • Flamingos hold thier breath while feeding.
  • They are migratory birds and fly up to 37 miles per hour and travel distances of over 300 miles to reach their new habitat.
  • The bird species spent 15-30% of the day cleaning their feathers because of the oil produced in the special gland spread along the feathers.
  • Flamingo loves to stay in large groups known as colonies and these colonies can be of million birds.
  • Flamingos are monogamous bird species which means they just have one partner and produce one egg each year.
  • The avarage lifespan of flamingos is between 20 to 30 years.

Flamingo Wallpapers

1. Flamingo Aquatic Bird

flamingo aquatic bird

2. Flamingo Beak

flamingo beak

3. Flamingo Closeup

flamingo closeup

4. Flamingo Exotic Birds

flamingo exotic birds

5. Flamingo Family

flamingo family

6. Flamingo Chick

flamingo Chick

7. Flamingo Feathers

flamingo feathers

8. Flamingo wading bird

flamingo wading bird

9. Flamingo water bird

flamingo water bird

10. Flamingo Colonies

flamingos colonies

11. Pink Flamingo

Pink flamingo
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