Top 10 Interesting Facts About Peacocks


We all must be recognizable with a much-admired bird peacock which is as well the national bird of India. It is a very wonderful bird and is identified chiefly for its feathers.  Here is the list of 10 interesting facts about peacocks,

Facts About Peacocks

1. Names

The word peacock is used just for male peacocks. The female peacocks are normally called peahens. The infant of the peacock or the baby peacock is called a peachick. The crowd of peacocks mutually or universal name irrespective of the sex of the peacock is referred to as the peafowl. Moreover, the female peacock or peafowl has just three species in the entire world and these three species are found in Asia and Africa descent. 

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Beautiful peacock

2. Land living

The different aquatic birds have webbed skin between their toes which helps them to swim in the water. But the peacock does not have any such webbed skin between its toes. Also, their beautiful feathers do not help them at all to swim or to sustain themselves in the water. Peacocks have different feet which can tightly hold the land surface. So, the peacocks are found mostly here and there wandering on the land surface, not on the water surface.

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Blue peacock

3. National Bird

Peacock was declared the National bird of India in 1963. Peacock is well known in India and is found very commonly. Almost every citizen of India is aware of the beauty and grace of the peacock. Hence the peacock was declared the National bird of India. Also, no other country has its national bird peacock. In Greek mythology, it is the representation of immortality. Golden peacocks are referred to for their creativity and also provide inspiration to various writers.

indian peafowl

4. Appearance

The male peacocks are more multi-hued than female peacocks. The male peacock has a blue neck and breast with bronze and green tail covered with approximately 200 feathers while the female peafowl is smaller with a brown body had also does not have a tail. The peacock spreads its feathers forming a colorful fan-like structure with them. The major distinctive feature between them is their body size. The females are known to be roughly half of the body size of the male peacock. The peacock is identified to run at a speed of 10 miles per hour. 

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peacock feathers

5. Flying and eating habits

The peacocks usually don’t prefer to fly. Also, it does not have good flying skills. It can fly but only for a short distance. Also, it needs to fly only when it has to hide or to protect from hunters or other animals. It flies a little to reach some tree top and rests there calmly. Moreover, the peacocks are omnivore birds that prefer to eat various plants, fruits, seeds, flowers, ants, frogs, mice, butterflies, and especially snakes. 

peacock in park

6. Cultural significance

Peacocks have great cultural and regional significance in India. Peacocks have been a part of Indian tradition and religion for a long time. It is a sacred bird for Indian citizens. Lord Kartikeya who is worshipped by the Indians used to use peacocks as a ride. He used to ride on the peacock’s back and hence people have a religious value associated with it.

Also, Lord Krishna had immense love for birds and animals, and peacocks were one of them. Lord Krishna used to wear peacock feathers as a crown over his head. The view of the dancing peacocks is considered very auspicious by Indians and is a very beautiful and rare view. It is one of the interesting facts about peacocks.


7. Tail feathers formation time

The peacocks do not have that colorful beautiful feather tail from their birth. At the time of birth, all the peachicks irrespective of their sex look similar. There is no differentiation between them. The male peacock starts getting its beautiful color after around 3 months. A peacock gets its brilliant tail feathers after a long period of 3 months. You will be surprised to know that the peacocks shed their feathers at the time of mating and again re grows them longer more beautiful and more colorful.


8. Peahens choose the Mate

The peahen chooses its mate by the appearance of its feathers. The peahen acknowledges the body size, body weight, and fitness of the mate. One important factor is protection from predators. It is known that multi-colored views of beautiful feathers protect them from their predators.

The size and also the angle of the peacock’s tail feather are of great significance. The male peacock uses its beautiful tail feather to attract the females. It dances creating a colorful fan-like structure to attract females. Also, the dancing capability, quivering and moving of the feathers, and also voice is also considered for choosing the mate. 


9. White peafowl

The white peafowl was first seen in 1830. It is a tremendously gorgeous, eye-catching, and astonishing breed of a peacock. Its whole body is white in color and even feathers are also white. After seeing its all-white body some people misunderstand the opinion that it is albino. But, the albino body gets whitish and the color of the eye must be pink or red. On noticing a white peafowl we will see that its eyes are blue in color and hence proving it wrong that it is albino. White peafowl is even kept as pets by the people as its meat is known to be very healthy and is eaten by a lot of people.

white peacock on rock

10. Behavior

The peacocks are very quiet, social, friendly, and disciplined birds. The peacocks have the habit to wander here and there and they like the most to sit calmly on the upper branches of the trees or even at the top of the trees. The peacocks behave very well and are very friendly with the people they know or the people they like.

Some of the peacocks are also introverted in nature and prefer to run or escape from seeing some crowd. Sometimes, when the peacocks are in a bad temper, they even attack other birds, any unfamiliar peacock, or humans also. The peacocks are also very notorious and playful in nature and love to play running after each other to pursue them. 

white peacock

These are interesting facts about peacocks. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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