21 Interesting Facts About Canadian Marble Fox

Facts about Canadian Marble Fox

Canadian Marble Fox also known as the Arctic Marble Fox is a hybrid of red and silver foxes together. They are not naturally occurring species on the planet instead they are bred by humans. Canadian Marble Fox comes with thick and white fur along with streaks of grey, black, or tan in color. They are seen in the small area of Canada especially northern regions in the regions of British Columbia, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories. The animal species can thrive in both climates from dense forests to open tundra.

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Canadian Marble Fox
Canadian Marble Fox

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Facts About Canadian Marble Fox

  • If we talk about the height and weight of Canadian Marble Fox, there is a minor difference between male and female species. The body length of male species can grow between 18 to 27 inches, however, females can grow between 18 to 20 inches. The average weight of male species can grow between 6 to 21 pounds and female species can go between 3 to 8 pounds.
  • Canadian Marble Fox is a type of mammal belonging to the breed group Vulpes lagopus and the order Carnivora. They have a marble-colored coat that comes in different colors such as brown, black, and white.
  • The fox species are known for their stubborn and aggressive nature and need high training species and low grooming needs.
  • The name of Canadian Marble Fox comes from two words “Canadian” and “marble” which represents the geographic location where they prefer to thrive and gives them a fur color that looks very similar to the other  Arctic Fox varieties.
  • As per the report from the Fur Commission USA, It is said that the first marble fox was born on a farm owned by Sverre Omber in Norway in 1945, however, they are some researchers who believe it was a genetic mutation between arctic foxes and red foxes.  Today, there are many breeders who breed this animal because this animal species is for the fur trade.
  • The fox species will not act as good pet dogs because they are a crossbreed of Red and Arctic Foxes, However, with a required amount of training they can be trained in many such things. They like dogs and cats, however, they get aggressive sometimes. It is also said that they fear humans, so if you are planning to adopt them, it must be in the early stages.
  • It is advised that owners need to take Canadian Marble Fox outside for two hours of walking or running outside that will make fox species happy and will not bother you much at the home.

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  • Their dietary habits are flexible in nature and love to eat grain-free kibbles, meat, vegetables, or fruits. It is advisable to feed it them twice a day or as per the instructions from the veterinary doctor.
  • Baby Canadian marble foxes are known as kits.
  • The avarage lifespan of the Canadian marble fox is upto 15 years in the wild and upto 10 to 15 years in captivity.
  • The gestation period of the Canadian marble fox is around 2 months.  They are giving birth to between 1 to 13 kits, however, the avarage is between 4 to 6 kits.  The average weight of baby kittens is upto 150 grams (0.33 pounds). They will turn into adults after 6 months.
  • Canadian Marble Foxes have natural predators such as coyotes and cougars., however, since the majority of the species live in captivity they are safe from natural hunters. The other problem is that they are very susceptible to diseases carried by others animals such as rabies and distemper. The best advice is to get your pet vaccinated against common diseases.
  • There are no threats to the Canadian Marble Fox as they are not naturally occurring animals, however, the other threat would be the fur trade for which these animals were originally seen as an advantageous breed.
  • Arctic Marble Fox loves to liven burrows and even in tunnels. During the winter season, these species create tunnels in the snow to take shelter.
  • Canadian marble foxes are monogamous and therefore they mate for life.
  • Canadian Marble Fox preys and feeds on rodents, birds, reptiles, insects, and many more species. The litter size is between 1 to 13 kits. There are no predators of the animal species in captivity.
  • The hieght of the Arctic marble fox is upto 69cm (27in) and the avarage length is upto 63cm (25in) which does not include the tail. The age of sexual maturity is 10 months and the age of weaning is between 50 to 70 days.
  • The scientific name of the animal species is Vulpes vulpes and belongs to the family Canidae. Since the foxes often communicate through thinner scents, even they can give a very strong smell especially when it’s threatened.
  • The male species of Arctic marble fox is called tods or dogs, however, female species are known as are called vixens. The young ones are known as kits. The top speed of the Arctic marble fox is upto 30 mph.
  • They have thick fur and can easily maintain a stable body temperature, which provides them with plenty of insulation.  The rounded ears and tinny legs will help reduce the surface area where heat can escape.  The fox species will not go into hibernation.
  • Canadian Marble Foxes are not very dangerous, however, they are super intelligent. These foxes are sly and unpredictable members of the canine family of animals. These furry animals have a lot of energy and must exercise very frequently.

These are some of the interesting facts about Canadian Marble Fox. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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