10 Interesting Facts About Arthropods

Arthropod eyes

Arthropod eyes

An arthropod is an invertebrate that comes with an exoskeleton along with a segmented body with jointed limbs.  The unique part is that these species must molt or shed their external layer which is the exoskeleton since their exoskeleton does not grow well.  The name of the animal is derived from Greek words meaning ‘joint’ and ‘leg’. The exoskeleton of an arthropod is made up of chitin, which is a glucosamine polymer and approximately 5 million arthropod species are present in the world. Arthropods are divided into five subphyla such as chelicerates, myriapods, crustaceans, hexapods, and trilobites. The trilobites are now extinct. Here are the interesting facts about arthropods,

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Image Source: Wikimedia

Arthropods Facts

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