List of Countries that start with E

The world is a rich and intricate tapestry of cultures, languages, and landscapes, all of which are woven together by the countries that form their continents. Among these, a distinct set of countries is distinguished by the fact that they all begin with the letter E. Let’s delve into the list of countries that start with E,

Countries that start with E

1. East Timor

East Timor is a small Southeast Asian republic located on Timor’s eastern half of the island. Indonesia borders it to the west, and it has a shoreline on the Timor Sea. Dili is the country’s capital and largest city. East Timor, which gained independence from Indonesia in 2002, is a young country. It is a poor country with a population of roughly 1.3 million people.

The majority of the population is Catholic, and the official language is Portuguese. East Timor is a nice country with pleasant weather. The landscape is dotted with mountains, forests, and beaches. The country is home to a wide range of animals, including birds, monkeys, and reptiles. East Timor is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and cultural heritage. There are also a variety of historical sites in the country, such as the Cristo Rei statue, which is a colossal statue of Jesus Christ.

East Timor

2. Ecuador

Ecuador is a South American country in northwestern South America. The Repblica del Ecuador literally translates to “republic of the equator” due to Ecuador’s stunning straddling of the Earth’s center. Quito is the capital and largest city. Ecuador is a small country with approximately 17 million people. The majority of the population is mestizo, while there is a sizable indigenous minority. The official language is Spanish, but indigenous languages like Quechua and Shuar are widely spoken. It is one of the countries that start with E.

Ecuador is a lovely country with diverse scenery. The country is traversed by the Andes Mountains, as well as lowlands, rainforests, and coastal areas. A diversity of fauna, including birds, monkeys, and reptiles, can be found in the country. The country also has a variety of historical landmarks, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is an enthralling country with much to offer visitors. Ecuador is the ideal destination for those wishing to explore the natural splendor of South America.

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3. Egypt

Egypt also known as the ‘Land of the Pharos’ is a country located in the northeast corner of Africa, connected to Asia by a land bridge made by the Sinai Peninsula on both the Red Sea and the Aqaba Gulf, making Egypt a transcontinental country and technically, the world’s only “Eurafrasian” country. Egypt alone contributes more than 15% of the African Union budget and is one of the Middle East’s largest economies. It is also Africa’s largest and most powerful military power.

Egypt is also the epicenter of Arab media and cinema, having produced around 75% of all Arabic films since the early twentieth century. Egypt’s official language is Arabic. Egypt is a member of the Arab League and has diplomatic links with other Arab countries. Their relationships with certain countries have evolved over time as a result of political developments. Egypt has shaped Eastern culture throughout history and plays an important role in the Arab world. It is a diversified country with a long history.


4. El Salvador

El Salvador is a small Central American country with a population of more than 6.5 million people. The country is bordered by Guatemala and Honduras on the Pacific coast. El Salvador is a volcanic country with a rich cultural and historical heritage. There are several Mayan ruins in the nation, including Tazumal and San Andres. El Salvador is also recognized for its stunning beaches, such as Cuco Beach.

El Salvador’s economy is focused on agriculture and manufacturing. The country produces a lot of coffee, sugar, and textiles. El Salvador is also a Central American Common Market (CACM) member. El Salvador is a lovely and varied country with plenty to offer visitors. The country is rich in natural wonders such as volcanoes, beaches, and jungles. El Salvador has a rich culture and history as well.

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El Salvador

5. Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a country along Central Africa’s west coast. Even though it’s called Equatorial Guinea, the country is positioned a few degrees north of the Equator. Despite its small size, it is one of Africa’s richest countries due to its massive oil and gas deposits. The country is divided into two regions: the mainland and the islands, with Malabo serving as the capital. The culture of the country is diverse, including influences from indigenous tribes and Spanish colonial traditions.

The Fang, Bubi, and other ethnic groups contribute to the nation’s cultural diversity. The official languages of the country are Spanish, French, and Portuguese, reflecting the country’s historical ties with European conquerors. The natural beauty of Equatorial Guinea is mesmerizing, with lush jungles, clean beaches, and volcanic islands such as Bioko and Annobón. The country is confronted with issues like restricted political freedom, corruption, and economic inequity. The administration has launched initiatives to diversify the economy and reduce its reliance on oil.

Equatorial Guinea

6. Eritrea

Eritrea is located on the Horn of Africa, bordered to the east by the Red Sea and to the west by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. The country is divided into six areas, with Asmara, the capital and largest city, in the center Ma’ekel district. Eritrea has encountered a number of political and socioeconomic obstacles since obtaining independence from Ethiopia in 1993. The country has a wide ethnic grouping and a rich cultural heritage, each with its own traditions and dialects.

Eritrea’s primary ethnic groupings include the Tigrinya, Tigre, and Saho. Eritrea’s landscape is varied, with hills, deserts, and coastal sections along the Red Sea. The capital city, Asmara, is known for its well-preserved Italian colonial architecture and thriving cultural life. Despite its economic potential, Eritrea has experienced political persecution, limited freedom of expression, and mandatory conscription, resulting in massive emigration and strained international ties. To overcome these issues and foster sustainable development, the government is adopting economic reforms and promoting regional collaboration.


7. Estonia

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe located on the Baltic Sea, slightly south of Finland. It is bounded to the east by Russia and to the south by Latvia. The country is divided into 15 counties, or “maakonnad,” with Tallinn serving as the capital. Tallinn, the capital city, is a popular tourist attraction with a blend of medieval and modern buildings. There are around 2,200 islands and islets in Estonia. These islands are treated as separate counties.

Estonia is one of the few countries that has attempted reforestation. It is well-known for its advanced digital infrastructure and e-governance projects, making it one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries. Estonia boasts a good living standard, a well-developed education system, and a strong start-up culture. The country has embraced innovation and technology, which has helped it to thrive economically and compete. Estonians are proud of their cultural history, which includes folklore, traditional music, and festivals. The natural beauty of the country is highlighted by its different landscapes, which range from pristine woods and lakes to gorgeous coastal places.


8. Eswatini

One of the countries that start with E, Eswatini, previously Swaziland, is a landlocked country in southern Africa, bordered to the northeast by Mozambique and the remainder by South Africa. There are four regions in the country. Mbabane, the country’s capital, is located in the north. It is well-known for its rich cultural traditions and monarchy, both of which are important in the country’s governance. The Swazi people are deeply rooted in their cultural legacy, as evidenced by their music, dancing, and traditions. The annual Reed Dance, in which thousands of young ladies gather to celebrate their chastity and pay homage to the Queen Mother, is well-known throughout the country.

Eswatini’s breathtaking landscapes span from the towering Drakensberg Mountains to the wildlife-rich savannas of Hlane Royal National Park. Agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism are important areas in the kingdom’s economy. Swaziland’s traditional handicrafts, such as beautifully woven baskets and bright textiles, highlight its people’s artistic talents. While the country has made strides in fields such as healthcare and education, it faces challenges such as high HIV/AIDS prevalence, poverty, and limited political freedoms.


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9. Ethiopia

Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa, is the world’s most populated landlocked sovereign state bordered by Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti. Ethiopia is divided into nine ethnic-based regions, each with its own autonomy and expanded legislative power. The capital, Addis Abeba, which translates to “New Flower,” is located in the country’s center and operates independently of any region. Ethiopia is renowned as the “Cradle of Humanity” because of notable archaeological finds, including early human ancestor fossils such as “Lucy.”

The country is strongly established in old customs and has a complex cultural tapestry, with the major ethnic groupings being the Oromo, Amhara, and Tigray. Ethiopia has a diversified topography that includes the Ethiopian Highlands, the Great Rift Valley, and the Danakil Depression, which is one of the hottest regions on the planet.

The country is home to notable sights including Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches, Aksum’s ancient ruins, and the Simien Mountains National Park’s magnificent landscapes. Ethiopia has achieved major strides in a variety of areas, including infrastructural development, agriculture, and healthcare. However, problems such as political tensions, regional conflicts, and economic disparities remain, requiring ongoing efforts for sustainable development and inclusive governance. It is one of the countries that start with E


These are the list of countries that start with E. Kindly share and post your comments.

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