Bobi, The World’s Oldest Ever Dog, Dies At The Age Of 31

Bobi wold's oldest dog
Bobi wold’s oldest dog

Bobi, the record-breaking world’s oldest dog, has passed away at the ripe old age of 31 years, 165 days. Earlier this year, Bobi was officially crowned Oldest Dog Ever by Guinness World Records.

Born in 1992, Bobi had a rocky start in life. He was one of a litter of four pups, but the dogs’ owners didn’t feel able to keep them as they had too many animals already.

“Unfortunately, at that time it was considered normal by older people […] to bury the animals in a hole so that they would not survive,” owner Leonel Costa, who was only a child at the time of Bobi’s birth, revealed to Guinness World Records.

Fortunately, Bobi narrowly escaped this fate when he was left behind, hidden in a pile of wood in the outbuilding where he was born. When the puppy was discovered by Costa and his brothers, they kept him a secret until they could be sure their parents would allow them to keep their new friend.

“They screamed a lot and punished us, but it was worth it, and for a good reason!” Costa remembered.

Longevity seems to run in the family, as Bobi’s own mother lived to 18 and one of Costa’s other dogs reached the age of 22. For all of his 31 years, 165 days, Bobi and Costa were together, and the distinguished old gentleman also gained an army of new friends and followers when news of his record went public.

Back in May, Bobi celebrated turning 31 in style with what Costa described as a “very traditional” Portuguese party, sharing local delicacies and dancing with over 100 guests from around the world.

In his twilight years, Bobi continued to enjoy good health, albeit with a few more naps. His failing eyesight and difficulty walking meant he spent more time in the yard or cozied up in front of the fire, but as a younger pup he’d passed his days exploring the forests around Costa’s home in the village of Conqueiros – he had never been chained or leashed.

Reflecting on Bobi’s life on his last birthday, Costa said: “Bobi is special because looking at him is like remembering the people who were part of our family and unfortunately are no longer here, like my father, my brother, or my grandparents who have already left this world.”

The record-breaking pet also has eyesight and mobility issues that have come with age, but overall he is following in his family’s long-lasting footsteps. Bobi’s mother, Gira, lived to be 18, while another of the Costa family’s dogs, Chicote, lived to be 22.

Costa family's dogs, Chicote, lived to be 22
Costa family’s dogs, Chicote, lived to be 22

Rest well, Bobi. We hope you’re having lots of treats, wherever you are.

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