10 Most Beautiful Mountains In The World

Denali, USA
Denali, USA

A mountain can be defined as large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area and can take the form of the peak. As per modern geology, we know how mountains formed which is a result of tectonic forces or volcanism. There are many mesmerizing and beautiful mountains in the world, Here is the list,

Beautiful Mountains In The World

1. Kirkjufell, Iceland

  • Kirkjufell is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world standing at a  height of 463 meters. It is also one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland.
  • The name “Kirkjufell” means “Church Mountain” in Icelandic since the mountain is in the shape of a church steeple.
  • Kirkjufell Mountain is also the most famous places to visit in Snaefellsnes and  in general, you can hike on top of Kirkjufell but it is extremely dangerous.  There are several accidents reported in last years.
  • Kirkjufell Mountain is not a volcano, however, the different layers of the mountain is the result of several volcanic eruptions. It is located between the  two glaciers that shaped the mountain’s current form in millions of years.
Kirkjufell, Iceland
Kirkjufell, Iceland

2. Mount Dalsnibba, Geiranger, Norway

  • Mount Dalsnibba is a beautiful mountain located in located at the end of the Geiranger valley (Norway). It offers a good view of its ranges and hence very popular among the tourist destination.
  • The  Norwegian County Road 63 passes along the south side of the mountain and there is a separate private toll road called Nibbevegen which is owned and operated by Geiranger Skysslag that  goes up to the summit of Dalsnibba (21 km drive).
  • The private road Nibbevegen was completed in 1939 but due to the Second World War its official opening was delayed until July 19 1948. 
  • Mount Dalsnibba is at 1500 metres and the highest observation point above a fjord in Europe. The vertical journey will take around 45 minutes each way as our coach driver expertly navigated the narrow roads.
Mount Dalsnibba
Mount Dalsnibba

Image Source: Niels Hageman

3. Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

  • Montserrat is a multi peak mountain range located near  Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. It is a part of of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range and the main peaks are Sant Jeroni (1,236 m), Montgrós (1,120 m) and Les Agulles (903 m).
  • The site is very popular for its sites  of the Benedictine abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat that hosts the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary.
  • “Montserrat” means  “serrated (like the common handsaw) mountain” in Catalan and described the peculiar aspect with a multitude of rock formations that can be seen from long distance.
  • The highest peak of Montserrat is called Sant Jeroni (Saint Jerome) that stands at 1,236 meters (4,055 feet) above sea-level and it is accessible by hiking trails. It connects the top entrance to the Sant Joan funicular, the monastery, or the base of the mountain. 
Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain
Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

Image Source: Ning

4. Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy

  • Mount Vesuvius is a beautiful  somma-stratovolcano located on the Gulf of Naples in Campania, Italy
  • There was a deadly eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD that destroys cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabiae, and several other settlements. 
  • After 79 AD, there are multiple times the volcano has erupted and is the only volcano on Europe’s mainland to have erupted in the last hundred years. 
  • Mount Vesuvius also regarded as the most dangerous volcanoes in the world because 3,000,000 people live near enough to be affected by an eruption and approximately 600,000  are in danger zone.
Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy
Mount Vesuvius, Naples, Italy

5. Mount Olympus, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Mount Olympu is the highest mountain of Greece and is part of the Olympus massif near the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea.
  • There are in total 52 peaks and deep gorges and the highest peak is Mytikas stands at  2,917.727 metres . It is also one of the highest peaks in Europe in terms of topographic prominence.
  • As per Greek mythology, Olympus is home to of the Greek gods, on Mytikas peak ad it has exceptional biodiversity and rich flora. 
  • Olympus has been declared as a national park since 1938 and also a  World Biosphere Reserve.
Mount Olympus, Thessaloniki, Greece
Mount Olympus, Thessaloniki, Greece

Image Source: Nikos

6. Matterhorn, Switzerland

  • Matterhorn also known as the jewel of the Swiss Alps”  stands at 4,478 metres above the sea level and also one one of the beautiful mountains in Europe and in the world.
  • The Switzerland landmark is at the border of the western Swiss canton of Valais between Zermatt and the Italian resort of Breuil-Cervinia and very popular among the nature lovers for peace and quiet atmosphere.
  • The first  first ascent of the Matterhorn was completed by the British Edward Whymper and his team on 14th July 1865 after several unsuccessful attempts. 
  • The most easy route to climb is the Hörnligrat, which essentially goes from Zermatt via the Hörnli Hut.
matterhorn, switzerland
matterhorn, switzerland

7. Denali, USA

  • Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America that stands at 20,310 feet (6,190 m) above sea level. It is also known as Mount McKinley and is the  tallest mountain in the world from base-to-peak on land measuring approximately 18,000 ft (5,500 m).
  • The mountain range is located in the Alaska Range in the interior of the U.S. state of Alaska.
  • The mountain was known to the Athabaskan Indians as Denali (“The High One” or “The Great One”) and to the Russians as Bolshaya Gora (“Great Mountain”).
  • The area around the mountain was in habitat by the  Koyukon people  and referred to the peak as “Denali” for centuries.
Denali, USA
Denali, USA

8. Table Mountain, South Africa

  • Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain and also one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It is quite popular among me he tourist with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top.
  • Table Mountain National Park  is one of the most visited  national park in South Africa attracting approximately  4.2 million people every year for various activities. The mountain range has 8,200 plant species, of which around 80% are fynbos, meaning fine bush.
Table Mountain, South Africa
Table Mountain, South Africa

9. Vinicunca, Peru

  • Vinicunca also known as Vinicunca, or Winikunka is a beautiful mountain in the Andes of Peru with an altitude of 5,200 metres above the sea level.
  • Tourist need to plan two hours of drive  from Cusco and a walk of about 5 kilometers (3.1 mi), or a three-and-a-half-hour drive through Pitumarca and a one-half-kilometre (0.31 mi) steep walk (1–1.5 hours) to the hill. 
  • The best time to visit the colorful site is in August since it is a dry season and provide an amazing beautiful view maximise the the vivid colors of the mountains. 
  • Also, it has been instructed to avoid days following significant rainfall (in December, January and February), more so after snow has fallen.
Vinicunca, Peru
Vinicunca, Peru

10. Mount Fuji, Japan

  • Mount Fuji is one of the most famous mountains in Japan and is a near-mythical national symbol immortalized in countless works of art.
  • The last eruption of Mount Fuji  started in December of 1707 and continued until the first day of the new year in 1708.
  • It is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world since it is surrounded by 5 Lakes and these are Kawaguchiko, Yamanakako, Saiko, Motosuko and Shojiko. 
  • The famous volcano in Japan is the most visited national park in the country and it is believed that in ancient times Samurai warriors trained here, and it has also been a site for Buddhist training.
  • It is said that an anonymous Buddhist monk was the first one to climb Mount Fuji in the year 663.
  • The best time to see Mount Fuji is in Springtime since the volcano is covered by snow-covered mountain is framed by pink cherry blossoms giving the name Konohana-Sakuahime, which means “causing the blossom to brightly bloom.”
Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

These are the beautiful mountains in the world. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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