5 Interesting Banana Ball Python Facts

Banana Ball Python

Banana Ball Python

The ball python is one of the most popular pet snakes for snake lovers and breeders. As of now, there are around 4,000 morphs of the species, and the Banana Ball Python came into the world in the year 2003 and later became one of the most popular morphs among all the species because of unique coloration and patterns as a result of genetic changes. They are exactly like other ball pythons except with a basic tan to a more lilac body and come with bright yellow spots.

The scientific name of the banana bar python is python regius. The body length is between 4 to 5 feet and the average weight is between 1 to 3 pounds. The primary diet includes mainly rodents (mice and rats). It is believed that the banana ball python originated in West Africa. The avarage lifespan of a banana ball python is between 20 to 30 years in the wild.

Super banana ball pythons have two copies of the banana gene and hence teh name was given to the snake species. They have a shadow of white and yellow that gives them a paler overall color. These snake species are quite costly and rarely found. Here is the list of banana ball python facts,

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Appearance and Description

Banana Ball Python can be easily identified with the help of its coloration. Their body can range from a basic tan color to more like an ethereal lilac, however, the bright yellow spots can help them stay apart from other morphs. They are called banana ball pythons because of their eye-catching yellow coloring. The medium-sized snakes can grow between three to five feet long.

Talking about the other body parts, the head has blunt snouts and triangular-shaped heads. along with eyes have circular pupils and are small in size. The mouth is big and has partially opened jaws can help it to accommodate a lot of prey.


The avarage lifespan of a Banana Ball Python is between 20 to 30 years, however, they can live longer with proper care and the oldest banana ball snake lifespan recorded was 62 years old.


The majority of the diet consists of tiny birds and reptiles in the wild. The best is to feed hatchlings every 5-7 days, and juveniles every 7-10 days. The adult can be fed every 10–14 days.

Banana Ball Python Price

The banana ball python price ranges between $150 and $3,000. The hatchling costs are between $150 – $500 and the juvenile costs are between $500 – $1,000.


Banana Ball Pythons don’t produce venom and can’t harm humans much.

These are the 5 intestine facts about Banana Ball Python in the world. Kindly share and post your comments.

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