Top 10 Best Airports In Oregon 2023

One undiscovered jewel that is worth exploring is Oregon. It is located in the United States on the west coast. The scenery of Oregon is breathtaking, and the regional cuisines will treat your taste buds to something fantastic yet very distinct. If you enjoy food, Oregon will be heaven for you because it has the best wineries and microbreweries. Today, we will discuss airports in Oregon.

Not only that but there are also several fusion dishes and sweets. Don’t worry if you are on a diet or if you are vegan; you will find versions that will meet your needs as well. Despite being one of the less visited locations, the transportation options are quite good. Regarding air travel, airports in Oregon operate in both domestic and international markets.

There is only really one airport in Oregon that receives precedence for travelers. PDX is ranked as the 19th greatest airport in the world and serves more than 20 million passengers annually. Regional airports connect cities in Oregon with those on the rest of the West Coast. In those tiny airports in Oregon, Alaska Airlines serves as the main commercial airline. If you’re planning to travel by plane to Oregon anytime soon, be sure to check out these highly recommended airports in Oregon.

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states of the United States dotted with marvels of nature. When you go to Oregon, be sure to check out the wonderful airport if you land at any one of these. They will make your trip even more fun. The airports here serve both domestic and international flights so no need for stopovers if you are an overseas visitor. Oregon has something for all tastebuds of all kinds. Read on to find out more about the best 10 airports in Oregon.

Airports In Oregon

1. Portland International Airport

It is one of Oregon’s busiest airports and offers the greatest services to travelers. Everything you need is available here, including delicious food and a little theatre where you can watch movies while waiting to catch your flight. The airport has everything planned out to provide the greatest services possible to travelers, including food, entertainment, and other amenities. Also available here is a passageway where you can leave your bike before boarding the aircraft. It is the central airport of Oregon.

There are numerous facilities available here that will make your visit as smooth as butter. Importantly, there is parking available, a lot of it and for longer durations and baggage storage too. There are food joints to fill your appetite before or after your long flight if you dread the airline food; and even a mini theatre if your flights are delayed hours. The airport is also accessible by wheelchairs. The Portland Airport is a hub that has direct rail service to downtown and also frequently hosts works by regional artists and frequent live music. The airport is situated right on the banks of the Columbia river which forms the state border of Oregon and Washington.

Portland International Airport

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2. Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport

One of the names of the international airports in Oregon that is governed and owned by a Jackson country aviation authority is this one. Not only that, but it’s the third airport that sees a lot of travelers every day. The airport’s previous name was Medford Jackson County Airport, but it was changed in 1994 when it became an international airport in Oregon. Additionally, there are loading bridges, the main concourse, and outdoor concourses.

This is an international airport that is owned by Jackson County and operated as well. This is the third airport by the number of passenger arrivals in Oregon. The original name of the airport was Medford-Jackson County Airport earlier when it was dedicated to domestic flights. This name was later changed to its current name when it became the international airport. Coming to the utility point of view, the airport serves the southwest part of Oregon, and is at a distance of three miles from downtown Medford.

Well, the airport underwent a recent renovation that added extra square footage in an effort to improve the facility for travelers and business travelers alike. For further expansion, the airport includes a freshly built 110,000-square-foot terminal building that was finished in 2009. The new terminal contains loading bridges on the second level, an observation deck on the second floor, and a cafeteria for screened and unscreened passengers. Additionally, a brand-new 100-foot-tall control tower costing $3.6 million uses the most recent geothermal system to heat and cool the structure.

Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport

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3. Redmond Municipal Airport

This domestic airport, also known as Redmond Municipal Airport, is situated in Deschutes County. The city of Redmond owns and operates the airport, after all. Additionally, it’s one of Oregon’s commercial airports where nonstop airlines offer regional flights with connections to several hubs in the western US. Additionally, it is an Oregon regional airport.

This is a small airport in the small city of Redmond. The airport is often used by domestic flights to link up to major hubs on the western coast of the US. The airport is owned by the city of Redmond itself. There is also an aviation training institute in the airport called the Hillsboro Aero Academy.

Redmond Municipal Airport

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4. Eugene Airport

It is also known by the name Mahlon Sweet Field and offers a pleasant environment, helpful staff, and security services. In addition, passengers can use the parking service for their cars even if they need it for a prolonged period of time. The Eugene airport is not only owned by the city but it is also run by them. Additionally, the airports are the fifth-largest airports in the Pacific Northeast. Two terminal gates, designated A and B, are located on the structure.

Also sometimes referred to as Mahlon sweet field. Situated in the city of Eugene, this airport is owned and operated by the city. The Airport is situated on the outskirts of the city and is also closer to Fern ridge Lake which is a popular natural attraction. There is also a flying school at the Airport. It is a small regional airport so it does not have the kind of fancy eateries and bars that one would see in a metropolitan airport so be sure to come with a satisfied appetite at the airport. The staff and service are excellent and very friendly.

Eugene airport

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5. Hillsboro Airport

The airport is one of many in Portland, Oregon, which also includes the second-busiest airport in terms of daily passenger arrivals. Maintaining the highest standards in aviation facilities is important for both general aviation and flight training. The airport includes three paved runways, a control tower for the Federal Aviation Administration, small passenger terminals, and other amenities.

Additionally, Hillsboro Airport serves as a port of entry. The port of Portland manages the airport. This is the second busiest airport in Oregon by the number of passenger arrivals on a day-to-day basis. The administration is governed by the port of Portland. Located in the west of the city of Portland, the Hillsboro airport also has a flight school and a flying club.

Hillsboro airport

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6. McNary Field

It is known as Salem Municipal Airport and is situated in Marion County. Salem not only owns and operates the airport, but it also provides services to the community. The Oregon Department of Aviation is based at the airport. In addition to handling the tours, this location also has eateries, smaller terminals, and a control tower with a general aviation center where flight training is conducted.

Also called Salem Municipal Airport, this airport is located in Marion County. Owned by Salem city, the airport mainly serves passengers from the city. It also hosts the headquarters of the Oregon Department of Aviation, which is responsible for issues pertaining to the development of aviation as part of the state’s transportation system as well as the safety of airways. The facility is also used by Oregon Army National Guard and the Army Aviation support facility.

The airport is located some two miles southeast of the city center of Salem. It has a restaurant and a general aviation center. The airport also has a flight training facility. The airport earlier had regular commercial flights out of Salem to Salt Lake City, Portland and Seattle. All these flights came to a halt one by one as the airlines could not support the route due to a lack of passengers. As of now, there are no commercial flights available at the airport.

mcnary field

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7. Southwest Oregon Regional Airport

It’s the only airport in the region that offers passenger services for the Oregon coast, making it ideal for commercials. Southwest Oregon Regional Airport is a public airport that is run by the Coos County Airport District and is situated in North Bend. Well, the airport is growing in popularity, and as a result, more people are using it. The primary factor is the amenities and services it offers to keep passengers stress-free. Additionally, you can access SFO services as well as nonstop flights that take you to Denver.

This airport is located on the pacific coast in Coos county. There is no big city nearby but the airport lies on the Oregon coast highway, which connects all of coastal Oregon. It is a non-hub airport but still has connections to Denver and San Francisco. The airport has annual traffic of 25000 passengers and services small planes only. There is a rental car service nearby and the place is close to a lot of natural attractions like camps, RV parks nature reserves as well as a beach.

Southwest Oregon Regional Airport

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8. Eastern Oregon Regional Airport

The biggest and city-owned public airport you will find is Eastern Oregon Regional. The airport has also been used for programs including vital air service and general aviation. Additionally, the airport provides services that benefit visitors and serves Pendleton.

Situated in the northeastern part of Oregon, this airport lies in Umatilla county and is close to the country seat Pendleton. Although the airport is small and has a low number of passengers, commercial flights are available to Portland via a subsidy program. There are only 3 4 flights per day for passengers.

Eastern Oregon Regional Airport

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9. Crater Lake – Klamath Regional Airport

It is simple to locate the airport on a map of Oregon airports because it is frequently used for both general and military aviation as well as other flights. The Oregon city of Klamath Falls, where the airport is located, owns and operates it for public use. You can also find various airport services here, such as airplanes, air taxis, airlines, etc. The airport city fund managers, who are funded by both city taxes and other taxes, are in charge of the airport’s funding.

Situated in Klamath county, in southern Oregon is a general and military-use small airport. The airport is close to Klamath falls who also own it. The airport has free parking, but it does not have operational commercial flights due to less number of passengers. The airport provides access to Klamath Lake and the natural forests in the vicinity.

Crater Lake – Klamath Regional Airport

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10. Newport Municipal Airport

The airport, which the city owns and makes available for public use so that commercial passenger services can connect with the Portland international airport, is owned by the city. There aren’t any flights connected, though. In addition, Newport, Oregon, is served.

Located on the West Coast of Oregon, the airport serves the city of Newport, Oregon which also owns and maintains it. It mostly serves general aviation with an estimated 65 flights per day. The airport is at a distance of 6 kilometers south of downtown Newport. Spreading across an area of 700 acres and standing at an elevation of 49 m above sea level, it features two asphalt runways.

The airport provides access to Newport city as well as many tourist spots like camping sites and beaches and adventure sports sites in the vicinity.  

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Newport Municipal Airport

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These are some of the best airports in Oregon. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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