About Us

Curb Earth is all about appreciating the awesome beauty, and cool features of nature. We will also work on steps to protect our planet Earth from climate change and global warming.

The content of the site is the copyright of the authors who are writing it. The content cannot be reproduced in any manner.

Note: We curate images and try to get them from sources that authorize us to reproduce them. We also give credit to image sources. If you feel any of the images is violating your copyright, you can notify us and we will remove them.

If you have any questions and Queries regarding the site you can contact us at utsavsngh4 [at] gmail.com (Utsav Srinet).

Our Team

Curb Earth team is passionate about nature. Here is what you should know about us.

Utsav Srinet (Owner & Founder)

Utsav Srinet is an animal lover, an enthusiastic plant parent, and a passionate conservationist. He enjoys being in nature and writing about it, and he believes strongly in the cause of sustainability.

Priyanka Singh (Co-Founder & Author)

Priyanka is a nature lover, and birdwatcher, and always looking for things that bring her close to nature.

Khushboo Garg (Author)

khushboo Garg is an enthusiastic person towards nature and animals and yearns to prove her mettle by working hard and contributing her share of efforts towards nature.

Shriya Kataria (Author)

Shriya Kataria is a nemophilist and a life-long humanitarian. She is a writer by day and a reader by night.

Harshit Bhardwaj (Author)

Harshit Bhardwaj is a content writer, web dev enthusiast, and nature lover. He likes reading books, sitting quietly in parks, and enjoys playing with his dog.

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