10 Interesting Cormorant Facts

cormorant water bird

cormorant water bird

Cormorant is an aquatic bird species also known as shags and belongs to the family Phalacrocoracidae. Cormorants are medium to large size birds and as of now, 40 species of birds are known to humans. It can weigh between 0.77 to  11.02 pounds and have a wingspan varying between 18 to 39 inches. Talking about their appearance, they have dark-colored feathers and a long, thin, hooked bill. The few are webbed in Sharpe which helps them dive from the surface of the water to catch their prey, which includes a diet of fish. Cormorant prefers to thrive in the coastal regions and build their nest in trees, on cliffs, on the shore, or on islets.  There is no major distinction between shag and cormorant, different names have been given to two species discovered in Britain. Here is the list of interesting Cormorant facts,

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cormorant aquatic bird

Cormorant Facts

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